About Sears RX

Our family is here to serve your family. As a family-owned, a full-service, fully licensed, HIPAA-compliant pharmacy, our extraordinary level of service just can’t be matched by large or corporate-owned pharmacies.

Why people switch to Sears Pharmacy

We will help you register with us, create an account and walk you through set up, new prescription requests, prescription transfers and prescription refills. We’ll patiently answer all your questions to ensure you understand everything.

Because this pharmacy is our family business, we will always work harder, giving you a level of service just can’t be matched by larger pharmacies. Any challenges or questions will be answered and resolved personally, by a pharmacist-owner truly invested in extraordinary customer service and clinical excellence.

At Sears Pharmacy, your prescriptions aren’t just transactions. Each time we help you, it’s another step in building your trust and confidence, resulting in an ever-better relationship with you.

What’s With the Moose?

When you visit Sears Pharmacy, you’ll quickly notice we’re a little over-the-top about the largest, tallest and heaviest species of deer. In fact, you’ll see moose everywhere you look in our pharmacy. 

When we moved to this location years ago, it was suggested that we “pick a theme” for the store. Thomas has spent many vacations canoeing in the Minnesota boundary waters and his family loved visiting the Rockies, Maine and Nova Scotia. Thomas’ wife Amy suggested a Moose theme – and the rest is history.