Prescribe for Your Patient

Whether your patient is scheduled for eye surgery, a colonoscopy or any other procedure, you can rest assured that they receive necessary solutions, drops, or medications quickly and accurately. We’ll provide full instructions for use and be available to answer any questions or concerns. 

Physicians and nurses will see better medication compliance in their patients, procedures will not have to be rescheduled or delayed, and your patients’ health will improve faster when surgeries and procedures are completed on time. 

Sears Pharmacy:

  • fills your patient prescriptions
  • sorts medications 
  • packages medications in individual dose packets, clearly labeled with patient name, packet contents and day and time to administer medications, all in an easy-to-follow, color-coded 31-day calendar
  • Delivery is FREE within 24 hours in the greater Chicagoland area

Comprehensive Medication Review

Your Sears Pharmacy pharmacist will perform a comprehensive medical screening to identify and prevent potential interactions and reactions.

Coupon, Discounts and Insurance

We’ll search for any available coupons and discounts and work with each insurance company to ensure your patient is paying the very lowest copay possible. 

Alternative and Generic Options 

Sears Pharmacy will always research lower cost options for prescribed medications, but will check with you before substituting any generic or alternative medications.

Are you ready to talk with us to get started? Please call 708-386-6304 or email [email protected]