Medication Review

Sears Pharmacy acts as a complete partner with you and your physicians. We are dedicated to improving the health of all our customers by going beyond ordinary pharmaceutical duties. Every time prescriptions are filled, your Sears Pharmacy pharmacist performs a comprehensive medical screening to identify and prevent potential interactions and reactions – for every patient, every single time. Our convenient dose packaging makes complying with your doctors’ and specialists’ prescriptions and instructions safe and absolutely worry-free. 

Each month, Sears Pharmacy:

  • reviews your prescriptions
  • fills your prescriptions
  • sorts medications 
  • packages medications in your choice of easy-to-use packaging options
  • Delivery is FREE with 5 items or more within 24 hours in the greater Chicagoland area

We are always available to speak with you to answer questions about medications or service. Sears Pharmacy is a HIPAA-compliant pharmacy, so you can rest assured that your health and medication information is completely private and secure.