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Comprehensive Medication Review – Every Patient, Every Time

Every time prescriptions are filled, your Sears pharmacist performs a comprehensive medical screening to identify and prevent potential interactions and reactions – for every patient, every single time. 

Coupon, Discounts and Insurance

Sears Pharmacy understands that the ever-increasing cost of medications is a serious concern. Each time we refill medications, we’ll search for any available coupons and discounts. We’ll also work with each insurance company to ensure you are paying the very lowest copay possible. 


Sears Pharmacy is happy to flavor liquid medications to make them more palatable and easier to swallow. Besides offering a bitterness suppressant and a sweetness enhancer, we can also flavor liquid medications with, as available:

  • Apple
  • Banana
  • Bubblegum
  • Cherry
  • Grape
  • Lemon
  • Mango
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon

Alternative and Generic Options 

Sears Pharmacy will always research lower cost options for prescribed medications, checking with your prescribing physician before substituting any generic or alternative medications.

MedSync Services

When your prescription refills are not simultaneous, we’ll change all start days to the same day of the month. Sears Pharmacy will provide enough medication to “fill in” the month without wasting existing medications. Going forward, all your prescriptions will refill on the same day each month. 

Sears Pharmacy, Inc. is a full-service, fully licensed, HIPAA-compliant pharmacy